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China has launched it's J-XX Stealthy fighter program already.  Futhermore, US has caught spies trying to sell info about B-2 to China. Unlike the Russians with their PAKFA program, chinese have the money to build the dam plane, but what others think, will they be smart enough to do so?

Also India have some plans of their own with their stealth fighter MCA(Medium Combat Aircraft), which is a mix of LCA and Su-30. But last I heard, they haven't fully started it yet . (?)

Now, both ,India and China, have bought several russian planes and they are likely to use some of the tech ,taken from them, in their new fighters. However Su-27s and it newer versions are known to be good in close combat, better then F-16 in many cases. So, if (the all knowing) Webmaster has said before here in some topic, that F-35A will be F-16 with stealth, will JSF be enough to stand against Chinese and Indias stealth fighters?

J-XX possible plans (still it may change alot)

I can't put my finger on it yet, but I have a feeling there's something missing on MCA  ::) :D

Edit: BTW, can anyone read chinese and tell me what the hell is written on the J-XX drawings?

Maybe you haven't noticed, but India and Russia are now planning to co-develop a fifth generation fighter, so that basically replaces both their plans, although I think it is still being referred to as PAKFA. Together with India, they will have the money, and India will have the technical know-how. I still need to see this project taking off though. Indian aerospace industry is not the most successful or experienced and the Indian AF is keen on western avionics and weapons, so will this mean delays?? (as seems to be normal with multi-national military projects, or is that just an European thing). We'll see.

On the F-16 / F-35 thing, I was talking about roles there, and trying to point out that it differs from the F/A-22, which is more of a air dominance fighter/intercepter than a multi-role fighterbomber. Of course there will be some other attributes besides stealth that will make it better, at least that's what we (= any prospective buyer) hope  ;D I bet it gets a far better radar, not sure which one  ???, but likely one with AESA technology....well at least for the more fortunate buyers....a downgraded export/cheap-ass version wouldn't suprise me.

Seems I am not up-to-date, came accross this today:

"Ivanov also said that the two countries would not be inking an agreement on
the joint development of fifth-generation fighter aircraft, suggested during
Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee's recent visit here.
Sukhoi Holding has made a presentation of the fighter to the Indian Air
Force, but India is not satisfied with its design."
Indian Express - 25 nov 2005


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