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Canadian figther (why have we stop making figther)

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The Gripen may have been expensive to develop it, but to operate it, it sure will be a lot cheaper than the Viggen! Also the prices at which they are offered on the export market or for lease contracts are not that bad either.

Airshow displays aren't everything. I saw the Gripen couple of times in the past, can't remember a bad show, but it couldn't compete with the F-16/MiG-29/Typhoon/Rafale...and the last two were only flown carefully back then, maybe the Gripen was too. My guess is the pilot or display team just kept it simple, maybe the pilot is not the most experienced around or they don't want to risk anything. Maybe Swedish regulations have changed? Anyway, read the RIAT report, the USAF came with a F-16 display but that didn't mean they were as good as the Dutch/Belgian displays. And then again, it is just a show, I can imagine a combat loaded Gripen will still do much better than a loaded Tornado in real life, although it may seem the other way around at an airshow.

You have a point there, but displaying your aircraft at an airshow like Gripen is mostly to impress potential buyers. Sure they are perhaps careful, but why fly it out of the country to display it if you just going to "fart around". Then it would be better to display it  here in Sweden under controlled circumstances for buyers and special guests. Really impress them with a hell of a show. But this is just my own oppinoin.  :)

And yes, it is much cheaper to maintain/service and upgrade then the Saab 37 system. Gripen is a better fighter or they wouldent have replaced the old Viggen. But its sooo small ! !  ;)


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