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Author Topic: Could the US offer the F-35 to India  (Read 5196 times)

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Could the US offer the F-35 to India
« on: July 20, 2007, 04:35:06 AM »
Just read an interesting article about how the US is trying hard to get the 126 aircraft order from India.  The F-35 is now thrown into the mixed and the F-16 is now being sold as the transition to a fifth generation fighter, which has no parallel among the competition.   Orders could be filled starting 2014 for India this isn't a problem because this wouldn't have chosen a fighter yet, sorry couldn't help myself.   As a US tax payer I don't like this because India has a pretty modern aircraft industry on which to copy.    A deal like this might jump or advance Hal Industries 10 years.   Russia would be looking over they shoulder too I don't like this I get a bad feel on this.   There should be enough follow up orders for F-35s and newer blocks to be produced after that we (the US) doesn't have to do this.  Don't sell Pakistan anymore Vipers and offer kick ass F-16 Block-60/70 to India and be done with this.  Unless India becomes the next England, Australia,or Japan, type allied to the United States and do it fast I say no to this.  Its like a car maker selling a new model design to another car maker it just isn't done.   

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