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I was wondering why are names F-13(YF-13) and F-19 (YF-19) emty???
And why is JSF YF-35, not something like YF-24  ??? ???

I don't believe they are empty. Most are used by experimental aircraft and others of sorts. For example the X-29 and another example is the F-21.

I know, I found stuff like YF-12, F-21, F-17 etc. But nothing on the F-19.
About the F-13, the J-13 was called F-13 I found.  :-[

J-13? Chinese? it doesn't belong in the list anyway. But the X-13 was the Ryan never succeeded to become a fighter, probably because of the number 13  :P

F-19 was skipped on request by Lockheed, they wanted to introduce the F-5 derivative (now F-20) and since it was intended as export fighter, they didn't an odd number because the soviet fighters used odd numbers.


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