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F-15SG purchase


Seeing that Singapore has ordered 12 F-15SGs from Boeing, with provision for another 8 at a later date, and with Malaysia and other countries complaning about aircraft like the E-2C, (which is, in my opinion, ridiculous) who want to bet what sort of fuss they'll kick up THIS time. Probably something about having air superiority, huh???

Imagine what happens if we buy the F-35...  >:D

Also, why is Boeing making the fighters and not Mcdonnel Douglas???

Okay. Let me rephrase. What do you think they'll complain about???

Well, that's just a political game they play. Like India and Pakistan did as well, in the end the US can only say "Okay, you both get advanced weapons".

Boeing took over McDonnell Douglas fighter division some years ago. So Boeing is the producer/contractor for all MD fighter designs now. Whenever they produce new derivative of the fighter, they can put their own name in front of it.

Ah. Okay. Thanks for the help.  :P


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