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F-16 CCIP Modernization Project of Turkish Air Force

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A few days ago the contract for modernization of Turkish Air Force's F-16 fleet was signed with a cost of ~1.1 billion dollars. The project contains extensive modernization of 117 F-16C/D Block 40/50's and an option for 100 more (F-16C/D Block 30).

The project consists of radar upgrade (up to APG-68V9), avionics modernization, Helmet Mounted Cueing Systems, new precision guided advanced air to air and air to ground (both powered and unpowered) weapons and structural modification for additional service life.

The choice for weapon systems will be made after trials. Options consist of AIM-9X, Pyhton-5, Derby, AIM-120C AAM's, AGM-88B, AGM-84H SLAM-ER, AGM-154A/B JSOW, CBU-105 SFW, SPICE.

The official name of the modernization project is "Peace Onyx-III". Peace Onyx-I was the joint production of 180 F-16C/D Block 30/40 Fighting Falcon's in Turkey, TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries), Peace Onyx-II was the production of 80 F-16C/D Block 50's. There was a project for additional 24-32 F-16's in late 90's (attrition replacement and recce versions) but it was abandoned due to financial problems.

Currently 217 F-16's are flying with Turkish Air Force. There are plans to replace the N/F-5A/B's of aerobatics team "Turk Yildizlari" (Turkish Stars) with F-16's in the near future.

--- Quote ---Lockheed Martin Wins $1.1B Turkish Deal


U.S. defense giant Lockheed Martin will modernize the Turkish army’s F-16 aircraft fleet for $1.1 billion (847.5 million euros) under an agreement reached between Ankara and Washington, Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul said April 26.

“This agreement is the best proof that our relations are on track,” Gonul told reporters, referring to recent tensions between the two NATO allies stemming mainly from differences over Iraq.

The agreement covers the modernization of 117 planes, with an option of 100. Lockheed Martin will begin the project in July and is expected to complete it by 2012, Gonul said, adding that the Turkish military was planning to use its F-16 fleet until the 2040s.

The agreement also envisages offset deals and sub-contracts to be handed out to Turkish companies, worth about $400 million, he said.

U.S. Ambassador Eric Edelman hailed the agreement as beneficial for both Turkey and the United States.

“This program will make the F-16 fleet more capable, operating in the modern aviation environment,” he told reporters at a joint news conference.

“That’s a benefit to Turkey, that’s a benefit to the United States because we want to be able to have a strong Turkish ally with us in NATO and operating with us wherever else we may have to operate around the world,” he said.

The agreement follows unprecedented tensions in bilateral ties since the U.S.-led attack on Iraq, Turkey’s southern neighbor, in March 2003.

Ankara stunned Washington just before the invasion when its parliament rejected a U.S. request to use Turkish territory for a planned thrust into Iraq from the north.

The traditionally close ties between the two countries were also strained by U.S. reluctance to take military action against Turkish Kurd rebels hiding in northern Iraq.

Earlier this month, Turkish President Ahmet Necdet Sezer paid an official visit to Syria, defying U.S. pressure on Ankara to keep its distance from a country which Washington sees as a threat to the Middle East.
--- End quote ---

The contract with Lockheed hasn't been signed yet, this was just a Letter of Offer and Acceptance between the two nations.

Oops, my bad (contract = LoA)   :-[

Press release of LM:

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@ RecceJet,

Hope there isn't a CCRP project somewhere else :)

@ Webmaster,

This was because of me thinking in Turkish. We simply say contract = agreement was signed. But there is a "little" difference..

By the way, latest news: Prime Minister Erdogan visited Israel the other day. One of the issues was Turkish - Israeli military relations and Turkey's possible procurement of Arrow-II ATBM's and Popeye-II AGM's. Turkish Air Force currently operates Popeye-I's with her upgraded F-4E's, the F-4E 2020 Terminator's. Popeye-II'S are planned for modernized F-16's, but there is not a firm decision yet.


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