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I took a look at the FY2012 DOT&E report for the F-22, of course the oxygen/life support changes are mentioned there as widely publicized earlier, so that's not what I wanted to get from the report, I was wondering about how the modernization is going, then I found this:

F-22A air-to-air weapons are the AIM-120C radar-guided
missile, the AIM-9M infrared-guided missile, and the M61A1
20 mm gun.

I thought it had the M61A2...

Increment 3.2B is a hardware and software upgrade
intended to integrate AIM-120D and AIM-9X missile
systems, and [...] in FY17

I knew AIM-120D wasn't ready yet... but I thought it did have the AIM-9X alrdy.

shawn a:
Isn't it just hilarious that Kuwait, Oman, and Turkey have AIM-9X-2 missiles, and the F-22 (our most "advanced" fighter) does not?
The -22 seems as if it will be a dedicated air superiority fighter in spite of the "Bomb Lamborghini" capability, yet we have failed to put on this aircraft our most advanced air to air weapons.
Doesn't make sense to me.

On the gun, I'm thinking it must be the M61A2, and M61A1 was just a typo, or the AF doesn't use M61A2 designation.

I guess that the USAF inventory of the -9X is still limited, so integration has been postponed, as they'll be fighting with the -9M for some time, better train in using the -9M. It seems the US Navy is moving quicker than the USAF nowadays when weapon integration is concerned, at least looks to be the case for the AIM-9X, and those new dual GPS/Laser guided weapons, and AIM-120C and JSOW/WCMD previously. The only exception being SDB? Of course, one can argue the USN was in higher need of new weapons than USAF.

Oh yeah, and still no funding for a HMCS

F-22 Raptors need helmet-mounted cueing system to take full advantage of AIM-9X

shawn a:
Yep, AIM-9X would work better with the HMCS, that's for sure.
I thought the -22 had a "long barreled" version of the gatling, maybe that's what the -A2 means.
I'm sure I've seen photos of the -22 firing an AIM-9X.
It seems as though the Air Force was sold a stripped-down version of the Raptor with all the things needed for "nukular combat toe to toe with the Russkies" removed or postponed since the "Red Menace" had evaporated.
As far as the furball goes, isn't that sort of a last resort for a stealthy fighter? Wouldn't a stealthy plane want the other guy to blow up without knowing it had been targeted?
I guess we are getting pretty good at upgrades of existing planes, and that is probably what is in store for the Raptor. (And the -35)


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