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is the JSF a stealth aircraft or not?

I heard in one of my new info books that our F-35 thats coming into production in 2007 in an order of 2800 at a cost of $60MIL each...and there going to replace our old model F-18 and tank busting jobs that the A-10 currently does...(but not replace them completely)...and also i heard that were selling some to Australia and Britain also....and this will have V/TOL capability...with thrust vectoring and a fan in its fuselage for vertical take-off...this will be used for frontline service and to land in ground unit bases...ask for more info or mail me for more information. I do not know however if its a stealth plane or if you could post in the F-35 thread that i made (another F-35 thread that i made)

Ok, nevermind, I found out that the F-35 is a stealth aircraft.

Well, to inform you, Britain is one of the MAJOR partners in the JSF program.  They're investing heavily into it because they desparately need a replacement for their Harriers, as well as the US Marines' Harriers.  VSTOL is important to the Brits and the Marines BUT they need a plane that can fly FASTER than the speed of sound; the Harrier doesn't have that capability.  Australia, I believe, did not invest in the program, but are on the list to buy the F-35.  There are a number of other countries who are on the list to buy the F-35, mostly European, most likely Spain and Italy, to replace their Harriers.  I believe Canada's on the list and possibly South Korea and Taiwan has expressed interest.  Think about it - a jet that can LAND and TAKEOFF from anywhere and go almost TWICE the speed of sound WITHOUT afterburners.  WOW! What does the opposition have to compare?  NOTHING!!!!

Yeah, Australia, Britain, Italy, Turkey, and some other countries...


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