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Author Topic: France wants more money from India for Mirage 2000 upgrades  (Read 5136 times)

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It seems like Russia, France wants more money from India for the Mirage 2000 upgrades.   The reason was that France closed down the Mirage 2000 production line and will cost more to I assume to open it or at least parts of it.   Didn't Greece just have work done on there Mirage 2000-5s (a little different model then India has) in the past two years?   Shouldn't at least part of the line be open or enough to produce parts?   I have another question what about all the other Mirage 2000 users are the lines closed for there parts?  It may just be the type of upgrades India wants (deep structure) that cost more.   Could it be a French thing toward India for using Israeli made radar + missile package?   I lean toward the not wanting MICA and French radar any thoughts on this.   Maybe India should have taken this deal like five years ago when it first came up >:D

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Re: France wants more money from India for Mirage 2000 upgrades
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2007, 11:21:30 PM »
Strange thing, we have recently acquired our new M2000-mk5....did they close the production line after our order completed? French playing games to promote Rafale.....whatever......


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