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Author Topic: Gripen fires IRIS-T air-to-air missile  (Read 5161 times)

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Gripen fires IRIS-T air-to-air missile
« on: January 17, 2008, 04:18:17 AM »
Gripen fires IRIS-T air-to-air missile
The Saab Gripen new generation fighter has successfully test fired a fully functional, guided version of the advanced IR air-to-air missile IRIS-T for the first time.

1/16/2008 | An important milestone in the integration of IRIS-T with the Gripen fighter, was achieved on 8 November 2007 at the Vidsel range in northern Sweden when Gripen fired the IRIS-T, within visual range (WVR), missile with an operational target seeker for the first time. It was a high g-load test firing using a fully operational missile without a warhead. The test was completely successful with the missile finding and shooting down the designated target.

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