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God Bless USA:
The new Sikorsky helicopter is the CH-53K.  The CH-53K will have operating capability in 2015.


shawn a:
Hey Sergeyl,
What the heck is it?? A CH-47-- a CH-53?, or something in between, like a -52 perhaps?

yeah he only read/translated the topic title

anyway, to get back on topic, CH-53K testing is gathering pace, we should see the first flight of the improved CH-53K coming year I'm guessing. So I guess it's CH-47F vs CH-53K... the -K looks pretty impressive, nice to see the CH-53 family continuing. It won't be a big seller like the CH-47F though.

With the 47F and 53K on the US side, and the Mi-26T2 on the Russian side, I guess we'll have to wait and see if China goes on to develop a heavy helicopter until we really see another heavy, because the new AW/Sikorsky/Mi-38/etc aren't that big. So far China has been continuing development of assault and medium helicopters, but I don't know if they're planning a heavy. The Frelons (and Frelon copies?) are still the heaviest ones? I think if they need one, they will first import the Mi-26, or its design. I think some Chinese civilian company already got the Mi-26, or maybe I'm mistaken.

Because it says best and not most capable of transport, I think the answer to the original question may be indeed "neither", as the V-22 Osprey is a faster mode of transport. It's just a bit too limited I think. In the past, I was really expecting it to carry a bigger load than it does. Turned out to be a bit of let down, even though it's better than the CH-46. Great feat, and whatever you think about it, with also the CH-53K soon, seems like a good mix to have. Who cares about the Chinook if you can have those two together.

But... how many Kilos will be built...



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