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indian mrca - who will get 126 nos & who will get 74 nos

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Looks now like the IAF is proposing to delay the 6 billion fighter purchase, and buy 20 new Mirage 2000-5s now, upgrade existing fleet.

Now some say, this is because of the 2000-5 withdrawal from the program. But I've seen reports about postponing the big fighter contract until US-India Nuclear Technology transfer has been finalised, and I think that's the real reason behind it. I wouldn't be surprised if the contract finally goes to the US as a thank-you for the nuclear tech transfer. Not sure if Lockheed would be very happy with it...I'd bet India would want to get the latest F-16, customized as Lockheed promised already, which will probably mean integrating French weapons and avionics. I'd imagine the IAF to be a very demanding customer, with decisions changing all the time. But eh, that's just my impression.


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