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JA37 Vs JAS39

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Vote now my friends. I personally vote for JA37.  ;D

What a surprise there Viggen... ;D

I agree with you though, the old JA-37 is just a brute, I love it.

The Viggen got one of the most beautiful layouts of all delta's. And I am just in love with the tandem gear. All the different versions make it interesting as well. The Gripen is a nice little aircraft and without doubt best choice for any low budget air force seeking a modern economic yet multirole and very capable aircraft, but like the F-16, it's boring.  ;D

BORING!???...oooh that's a bit harsh!... ;)

OK it doesn't have the character of the Viggen but boring?...I hope no-one from Saab is reading this or they'll get all depressed... ;D

Nah, they'll be fine, look at the export customers compared to the other fourth generation fighters. Maybe a bit harsh, but compared to the Viggen, it really is. I've seen both aircraft performing at airshows, the Viggen takes your breath away, the Gripen is just another fighter doing its routine. Maybe it would be a bit better if they gave it the splinter camoflage.  :P


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