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Author Topic: Your All-Times favourite strategic bomber  (Read 12374 times)

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Re: Your All-Times favourite strategic bomber
« Reply #12 on: December 04, 2010, 06:24:25 AM »
Hustler, haha. Nice choice there, i must admit. I looks like the B-52 is a lot more popular in real life than it is on this poll though.. ;)

Haven't read much about the anti-carrier package, but based on the original hardware alone, the 22M should be a great deal faster than either the Tu-22 or the Bone. (originally fitted with the NK-25, i believe.) Haven't checked if any of the three aircraft has gotten an upgrade though.. And if i remember correctly, the 22M's payload far exceeds anything the Tu-22 can carry. Makes the 22M the first choice for anyone wanting to carry iron bombs, haha.

Hmm I would have picked the Tu-22 for that same pity factor too, except it really looks too much like some sci-fi spacecraft next to the Tu-22M. ;)

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Re: Your All-Times favourite strategic bomber
« Reply #13 on: December 10, 2010, 04:21:09 AM »
I know about the loads, still it's a big load for what it was, it's quite a bit older of course. In theory they are not that far apart though. And one plus over the 22M is the 9000kg bomb, which the Tu-22 did carry. In Afghanistan the Soviets deployed Tu-16 to drop it, as the remaining Blinder were mostly recce/EW versions only, and the 22M could not carry it. I love the look, except for maybe the cockpit windows, but it can really be photographed to look ugly. But well, same for the Tu-22M.

Yeah I wanted to mention the B-52 with that regard. Set to serve for 90 years, 35 more to go, despite some 600 ending up on the boneyard. Absolutely devastating in all aspects. Scary as hell during the Cold War. Deadly as hell today. Major role in every major war since Korea. Impressive take-offs, especially during the old days with the short interval mass take-offs. It's for a fact, it does not have that pity factor required for more votes I guess. Everything looks sci-fi next to it, yet it's going to outlive all of them. And supersonic is just sexier, especially when it comes to these big machines. But I'm sure everyone respects it.
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