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hi i'm bhushan,

i want to know which of the 2 aircrafts is better.
lca is from india while fc-1 is from china ( partly funded by pakistan ).

Air Marshal:
Fc-1 Images

Not much difference between the two... Approx. same weight, range, weapon load and engine thrust. They are so much alike, you wonder why these guys don't just talk it out, make up, kiss and develop 1 aircraft together...  ;D

The winner of these 2, will probably have the best avionics set (and the smartest pilot). Looking at export sales, knowing the Paki's, you can probably buy a squadron of these for 1 F/A-18E...


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@ alyster
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Back on the discussion.

Yes, I believe they will both be very cheap, but especially the JF-17 (FC-1). A whole squadron maybe not...but considering the cost of a single super hornet is between let's say 50 and 75 million...I think you can at least buy a flight of JF-17s for that. But in my opinion the success of it really depends on the integration of the BVR SD-10/PL-12 with the weapon system and selected radar.

Regarding the JF-17/FC-1 versus LCA, I think it is hard to comment right now, they are quite similar in specification and possible type of weapons as well. but let's hope a real vs. match will never take place. LCA has got a slightly better thrust-to-weight ratio I think, but I would not be suprised it is has already gained weight.

Both aircraft had some troubles regarding the engines...for the JF-17, first it appeared Russia would not agree on the sale of the RD-93 to third party countries (so only Chinese) but there are reports about a co-produced russian-chino variant (WS-13). The LCA was planned to get the F404 engine at first, until the US denied exports, then the Kavari was developed with much delays and problems, now relations have improved India would be able to import F404s again. I am not sure about the Kavari progress as of today, and I don't know if there's a decision yet on its definitive engine.


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