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Pilot killed in Indian AF MiG-21 crash

Elderly Russian craft keep killing pilots while the government dithers on modernization.

Earlier this month, yet another Russian-origin MIG-21 fighter crashed in the desert state of Rajasthan, killing a young trainee pilot and once more underlining what is perhaps the worst crash rate of any combat aircraft in operation anywhere in the world.

Not for nothing, the aircraft have been dubbed flying coffins. But in a bigger sense, their continued use is a depressing reflection on India’s slow and torturous defense modernization process to procure new fighter jets.

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Well... what is it? If the picture is correct, MiG-21FL and it says a trainee, then the -21 is still used as AJT then. So why is the article talking about MMRCA and the fact that the upgraded Bisons have to stay in service till 2017. Clearly it's not about that, if the picture is correct, then it's about India still using their old MiG-21s,  to train their pilots, who should be training on the Hawk or at least on a MiG-21 two-seater. If the Bisons have only 6 more years to go, then why still train on the MiG-21 at all, there should be enough MiG-21 pilots who will still fly in 6 years time by now. But I think I know what's going, not enough Hawks. India would have more by now, if they had just let BAE build more in the UK or where ever, but no, HAL has to build them... great option for an urgent requirement.


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