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New Documentary on YF23 Black Widow II

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They've got one at the AF museum in Dayton right. Also the X-32A, the X-32B was supposed to go to the Naval Air Museum at Pax River... not sure if it's on display.

At least not as bad as the Avro Arrow... with only a nose section remaining.  >:(

shawn a:
I haven't been there in a few years, but I saw only a YF-22 at the AF museum in Dayton. (Well, actually, there was a lot of other stuff, but no YF-23 as of my last visit)
Shawn A



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YF-23 under my Valkyrie? I think I just got wood...

shawn a:
Definitely worth another trip to the Dayton show next year, with the mandatory visit to the AF museum!


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