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New Documentary on YF23 Black Widow II

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Trailer for the one-hour documentary that tells the full story of this remarkable plane.  Only two were ever made, and many aircraft authorities still believe this is the most sophisticated plane ever built.

shawn a:
Can't really get to you tube up here in the hills, but, is this really a new documentary, or is it from a few years ago? I heard a Northrop guy say it was significantly faster than the -22.

Hi improds, you need to put up the link to the video itself, not your "My Videos" page... because I just get my uploaded videos list when I follow your link...

shawn a:
Yep, I second the motion, improds. I'd love to see some more footage of that beautiful plane. Tell us where to find it.
Shawn A

The YF-23 is the one I was rooting for to win, big time. I do like the F-22 and having seen it do demos several times it is awe inspiring, but I really liked the 23. It always amazed me that we could conjure up, design and build an amazing machine like the YF-23 (which at that time was unmatched in the whole world) and then say, um no and it disappears into histories footnote.  I mean I understand the whole fly off scenario, like with the YF-16 and YF-17 or between the A-12 and SR-71 (and yes there was an official fly off) but still, you have to realize that in reality we are taking a completely viable and unmatched peice of flying machinery, and tossing it aside... or as I like to say 'we've thrown away planes that no other country could even make'! We threw away the XB-70, the YF-12, the F-20, the X-32, the AH-54 Cheyenne (another favorite of mine that lost in a flyoff vs the Cobra).

Anyways it is a gorgeous plane and I hope we kept them for flying at Edwards or at least in museums.


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