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Novosibirsk acft factory sets about making Su-34 bomber

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Looking at the Su-30 and Su-35 introduction to service, that can be a very slow process. In both cases, the air force has its predecessor (Su-27 and Su-24) in large numbers in service. Although outdated and mostly analogue systems, an upgrade is more economical than replacing them. Full rate production of the Su-34 will probably not start until after 2010, when the Su-24 airframes are starting to show their age. Some sources report the five aircraft as being an order from the Air Force, I am not sure, it wouldn't be the first time production started without orders in place. The air force staff is convinced of the Su-34 as its future tactical bomber, it is probably very wise move of NAPO to keep the development moving, to keep it in the light, also for export/marketing purposes.

The Chinese president visited Novosibirsk for economic/trade talks with the region, on the trip he visited NAPO factory, partly because Mao Zedong was there 55 years ago, but also to look at the Su-34, though he was more interested in the An-38 assembled there.

Little update

--- Quote ---Russian Air Force to get new Su-34 bomber in 2006

The Russian Air Force will receive new Su-34 bombers in 2006, Air Force
Commander Vladimir Mikhailov said Monday.

He said the 2006 state defense order for the new plane would amount to a
20-fold increase of the 2005 defense order, which was worth 100 million
rubles ($3.5 million).

Mikhailov said he was visiting the Chkalov Aircraft Production Association
in Novosibirsk to discuss all the problems and plans for the future.

"The plant is facing serious tasks," he said referring to the Su-34

The designing of the new Su-34 bomber began in the late 1980s to replace the
outdated Su-24 bomber.

According to experts, the new bomber has the potential to be the best plane
in its class for years to come.

By Maxim Koshmarchuk - RIA Novosti (17th October, 2005)

--- End quote ---


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