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Novosibirsk acft factory sets about making Su-34 bomber

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--- Quote ---Novosibirsk acft factory sets about making Su-34 bomber

31.03.2005, 09.42
NOVOSIBIRSK, March 31 (Itar-Tass) - The Novosibirsk-based aircraft manufacturing association (NAPO) named after Valery Chkalov has set about filling a State-placed order for the Russian Air Force -- to build the first batch-produced frontline tactical-strike bomber Su-34, NAPO General Director Alexander Bobryshev told Itar-Tass here on Thursday.

Bobryshev said, "Judging by the standard of radioelectronic equipment, the Su-34 can be reckoned among fifth-generation aircraft". The onboard equipment and armament enables the Su-34 to destroy pinpoint guarded targets in any weather, in the daytime or at night. "This multifunctional aircraft is capable of delivering missile strikes at ground targets. It is effective in aerial combat as well," Bobryshev pointed out.

The NAPO General Director said five such frontline attack aircraft systems would be built within the next two years. The Su-34 prototypes that stood State tests successfully had also been made at the NAPO. The takeoff weight of the aircraft is 44.3 tonnes, its bomb load is up to eight tonnes, maximum range of flight is 4,000 kilometres, and, with refuelling, 7,000 km.

The NAPO is part of the Sukhoi aircraft production holding.

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Finally, if all goes according to NAPO's plan, the Su-34 will enter production, unfortunately at a rate of 5 per 2 years  :'( I would love to see this aircraft in service, it is perhaps the best designed multirole fighterbomber yet.

2.5 aircraft per year!...damn they'd better slow down or they'll burn themselves out!... ;D

That aircraft is something special alright and I wonder if we'll get to see any of them at the airshows like Paris or Farnborough? Now that would be cool!... 8)

It is normal that a new aircraft is being slowly manufactured (AKA Low Rate Initial Production- LRIP) in order to take care of any problems that occur. If the Russian Air Force/ Naval Air Arm will indeed decide to purchase it  in large numbers than it will probably go into full rate production.

True, although in this case I would call it pre-production series, not initial production.

In my opinion, LRIP, apart from being a US term, is more from a buyer's viewpoint, so it can test the system, it is basically a small initial order. The Su-34 has already passed the state acceptance tests, but hasn't been ordered yet. It seems that these 5 aircraft will be produced as a continuation of development towards a production standard, testing all components from a manufacturer's viewpoint. Which doesn't mean that they ultimately won't be delivered, they will probably be reworked to one standard and delivered as part of a "LRIP"-kind of contract.

We must remember that budget is another concern. The VVS might not have the budget to place a large order at once, but must place several small orders, as budget allows.


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