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Questions about the Russian S-37 (aka Su-47)


i want to know more about the Russian when its coming out for production (if its not already out) and specs and stuff about it if you know about it. thanks.

             If your not familiar with the name you might have seen the pictures:

Heres a picture just incase.

I answered this question many times, so I'll be short as you will be able to find a lot of info elsewhere on the web. S-37 forward swept wing project...prototype for experimentation, 1 built, that aircraft is now used as Su-47 technology demonstrator (largely avionics) for future fifth-generation Russian fighter and/or Su-27 derivative upgrades. So Su-47 will not enter service or production, and the fifth-generation fighter will probably not have forward swept wings. Sorry to dissappoint you, but that's just what it is according to what I know.

 :( thats to bad...thanks for telling me though.


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