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And in the film "Stealth" USAF shot down 2 Su-37s.
And in another similar russian made film russians had the best fighter of all times in their hands and it looked exatly like a Su-27 or some smaller upgrade from it.

So first of all be sure that they were 37s not something like 35 or 34 or 30 or 27.

The Sukhoi Su-37 Terminator (NATO designation: Flanker-F) is a Russian multi-role jet fighter aircraft.

The Su-37 is a single-seat, all-weather, fighter and ground attack prototype aircraft, derived from the Sukhoi Su-27. The Su-27 is a successful Soviet fourth generation jet aircraft that has been exported to several nations, including China. The Su-37 test aircraft made its maiden flight in April 1996 from the Zhukovsky flight testing center near Moscow.

The Su-37 included several updates over the Su-27, including all-weather multi-mode phased array radar with synthetic aperture, terrain avoidance, terrain mapping and a rear facing radar. The airframe includes a percentage of parts made from composites, unlike the all-metal Su-27. Additionally, the Su-37 incorporates the AL-37FU engines equipped with thrust vectoring. Thrust vectoring allows the Su-37 to direct the exhaust gases in 3D, substantially improving maneuverability, especially at low speeds. The Terminator, as it is sometimes called, is also the first Russian aircraft with Hands On Throttle and Stick, or HOTAS, system. The first ever aircraft with HOTAS was the Avro CF-105 Arrow (also known as the Avro Arrow). The first production fighter aircraft with this system was the General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon.

so, there was more than oneĀ  ;)

Sorry but I missed the part where it said that there were more Su-37s then oneĀ  :-[

--- Quote ---The Su-37's life ended when T10M-11 (serialled 711) was lost in a crash on flying a ferry flight in Russia. The aircraft was not fitted with the TVC engines at the time of the crash. No other Su-35s have been converted to Su-37 specifications, nor has the Su-37 design entered production. The Su-37 was never an official designation recognized by the Russian Air Force. The crash of 711 effectively means the end of the Su-37, although future Su-35 developments will be more like the Su-37 of 1996 than the original Su-35. The possibility remains that the designation Su-37 will be used again in the future for other TVC-engine powered Flanker variants
--- End quote ---


Anyway I know you took the text from wikipedia. It said the remaining Su-37s were scrapted back to Su-35. lol, why?
Russians hardly have money to keep their Su-27s flying, where would they take the extra cash to build 2 copies of one test plane?

lol, they dont have the money for oil iether  ::) they shouldnt be wasting money on that...and why would there last Su-37s be scrapped to Su-35s???? and yes i got the text from wikipedia but i forgot to put quote  :P

Yeah. Su-37 is past. But to answer your question, yes, they do sell! Take a look at the operator list that alyster posted the link in the first reply.

The crashes you saw include some of the following:
- Bratislava airshow, belly landing Su-27 of the Russian Knights
- Le Bourget, Su-30MKI (Su-30MK-1) '01' prototype... I think also pilot error by very experienced test pilot
- Ukraine, Ukranian Air Force Su-27UB, pilot error they said

I don't think these events say anything about the quality of the aircraft.


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