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Good day to you all.
I'm hoping that someone on here will be able to provide me some information about modern(ish) Soviet aircraft colours.

Being a keen modeller I'm trying to get the right colour matches for a MiG21 MF, done in the Sand/Brown/ Light blue scheme.
I have a whole bunch of FS codes for the paints but no information about Russian systems of paint identification and numbering, I guess they wouldn't use the decadent Imperialist American system so what did they use (still use?).
Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.

have a good day.


Hello, and welcome to the MILAVIA forum!

I guess they must have had their own kind of state/federal collection of colors and coding system for them. But don't have any information.

Are the FS codes not good enough matches for the Soviet colors?

Hiya Webmaster Sir, thank you for the welcome.

I've been entirely unsuccessful in finding any such system in use in Russia during the cold war seems that everyone else had some sort of standard (F.S being the obvious one) but not the Russians. In discussions with a friend of mine in USAF intelligence it seems that they never did, which seems very odd as they had a sort of system during WWII but after that it all just goes very murky.

The FS codes for the paints are a bit off, especially the Sand and Light Blue/grey, they don't look much like the photo's I've seen of the real aircraft. It's going to be mix and match job for them, but I really wnated to know about their standardisation of such things...ho hum, I'm sure something will come up in the end.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Air Marshal:
Soviets use colours for their Aircrafts is " RED" and "Blue" commonly.

Yes, those are the colors of the bort numbers. We are talking about the system of color codes for the individual colors that are used for their overall paint schemes/camoflage. For example the code for the grey color of the MiG-31. FS is one such code system, but you might expect the Soviets to have their own system for colors.


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