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Taiwan F-104 Starfighter


Hello guys,

Maybe a silly question.... :-[
I was wondering if the RoCAF (Taiwan) is still operating with the F-104 Starfighter. ???
If not anymore, when did they stopped operating. And if yes, than when will they stop operating.
Thanks for any reply.

Best Regards, Ramon.

Last were retired on May 22, 1998

Article on the history and retirement ceremony of the Taiwanese F-104s:

Is Italy the only country that still operating the Starfigthers?  ???

Actually Italy has also just withdrawn their final remaining aircraft of the RSV test flight.

So it's the final end of the F-104's operational life.

Italy leased Tornado F3s and F-16s to fill the gap left by the F-104 until they get Eurofighter Typhoons.


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