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UAE Mirage 2000-9 Aircraft
« on: November 18, 2007, 02:12:55 PM »
UAE Mirage 2000-9 Aircraft - Get a little upgrade


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Thales Details Its Involvement in the UAE Mirage 2000-9 Aircraft

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Nov 14, 2007

DUBAI: Thales celebrates its involvement in the 32 new Dassault fighter aircraft Mirage 2000-9 and 30 Mirage 2000 aircraft retrofitted to –9 standard being delivered currently to the United Arab Emirates Air Force and Air Defense.
Thales has a played a significant role in upgrading this aircraft and is responsible for supplying and integrating the following equipment:
-- RDY-2 multi-mode nose-mounted radar,
-- Mission recording system,
-- Integrated Multi-display System for the cockpit,
-- Reconnaissance pod,
-- Laser Designation Pod (Shehab) and FLIR (Nahar)
-- Integrated counter measures suite IMEWS and relevant mission preparation and debriefing systems. 

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