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UK testpilots in JAS 39 Gripen.

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UK test pilot training school agrees new deal with Gripen.

Trainee test pilots at ETPS (Empire Test Pilots´ School), Britain´s world-class flight test training school, which is operated by QinetiQ in partnership with the UK MOD, will gain greater access to flying Sweden´s fourth-generation fighter under a new agreement with Saab, brokered by Gripen International.

Now that sounds nice to me, very cool move by Gripen International. Maybe Gripen will outclass the Eurofighter on the market in the future thanks to good PR. (Wishful thinking).  :D

I guess the Gripen is a more economical way to introduce test pilots to fourth generation aircraft than the Typhoon.

Thats probably also true, and my guess is that it wont stop with just Brittish testpilots.

There will be  "Brittish" testpilots from all kinds of countries, just as long as they are a members of NATO.  ;)

Here's the official press release by QinetiQ

Looks like the primarily RAF and RAAF test pilot rookies will fly them from their base in Sweden. BAE was/is also involved in the Gripen, but still it suprises me that a partnership with a non-NATO country provides the fourth generation fastjet platform for the programme. But I guess with these private finance contracts anything is possible. Maybe future NATO pilots will be training on Russian jets, maritime patrol duties in the carribean will be carried out by a Canadian company flying converted Y-8s  and SAR in the UK will be performed by a company from Mexico flying W-3s produced in Poland.  ;D

Here is another example of your point... The  French and the Swedes develop an unmanned fighter. (Unmanned=crap)   >:(

But it looks like it wont be anything of this aircraft, since it costs to much to develop. But the French gave it green light, they have the money to spend.


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