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Viggen Vs Tornado...............


Hello guys,

This topic is to discuss and to promote your opinion about the Viggen and/or the Tornado.
Buth most of all I want to show Niels and Viggen, this movie.
Very nice one, maybe you did see it allready............. ::)
Is a flight on board between and together with a German Tornado and a Swedish Viggen.
Hope you like it, found while searching on the net........ ;).........not the highest quality of movie.

Regards, Ramon.  8)

Thank you very much Scorpion for the link.  :D

Im guessing i dont have to say what i think about the Viggen fighter, but i also like the Tornado very much.
The problem is that most of the Viggen´s are sent to the scrapheap, only a few will be left for static show or electronic warefare.  I dont know how long the Torando will be in operative duty, but it would be ashame if it would go to the grave as Viggen has done.

Wonder if i can buy myself a Viggen-fuselage with an intact cockpit?  ::)

Here is one of my favourite pics of the Viggen, taken 1973 by the guy who has the copyright.
This is during an airshow in France. The viggen project was still new and during this time it had some problems, like the rear wings could break off.  ::)

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