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Air Force and Navy train together
« on: December 11, 2008, 01:09:25 AM »
Air Force and Navy train together
Posted: 8:27 PM Dec 8, 2008
Last Updated: 8:19 AM Dec 9, 2008
Reporter: Mark Vaughn
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History's being made at Tyndall Air Force Base this week.

For the first time navy and air force flight crews will train together at Tyndall each year.

More than 80 personnel participated in live ammo exercises.

This is a navy super hornet f-18, but what is it doing at Tyndall Air Force Base.

Lt. Col Peter Ford, the 83rd FWS Commander, says, "The chief of staff's vision for the Air Force is to be full operable. You’ll see a lot more navy interaction in Panama City."

In an effort to join forces in training just like they join forces in combat the air force, and navy will practice together.

"A Navy missile shot off a Navy airframe we can use that data to see how a Navy missile shot off an Air Force plane would work. Plus we get to do joint training the way we're really going to to to war."

The program is part of Tyndall Air Force Bases weapons and it will do more than just train pilots how to shoot.

It will give them the data they need to be affective in the global war on terror.

Navy Lt. Commander Ian Burgoon says, "This is an opportunity to see where the rubber hits the road, and provides for tremendous feedback for tomorrow’s aircraft."

While flying high is the mission, there are rewards to this effort too.

"Great opportunity to work with the greatest assets in the world, I've got the better plane. No, it's great to work with these guys.

Crews didn't let that commander in chief trophy, which the navy football team won, get in the way of progress.

Tyndall will play host to a navy squadron once a quarter for training missions like this one.

The base will also host a marine squadron once a year.


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