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Australia to cancel Kaman Seasprite helicopter programme

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Australia is buying MRH90s, an Australian multi-role version of the NH90 tactical transport helicopters. The other leg of the NH90 program is the NATO Frigate Helicopter, which would be perfect instead of the SH-2G, it's just that work on the NFH has suffered some delay and cost overruns for existing customers. And purely looking at the specification/performance, I'd recommend the EH101/AW101 Merlin instead for transport, but as a frigate helicopter the NH90 seems more promosing.
I think the NH90 is the best option for the RAN, especially for platform commonality with the army/airforce.

I'm thinking MH-60R/S's though...the "Super Seahawk".  ;)

--- Quote from: Gripen on March 07, 2008, 06:12:20 AM ---Like, why not the Super Puma, or Mi-something?

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Both lack maritime systems & armament options. Mil hasn't produced a proper naval helicopter since the Mi-14, afaik. The options are NH90 NFH, Super Lynx, MH-60R/S, Panther, Merlin HM.1 (if not too big), or some developments of the Puma, Cougar, S-92, or the smaller AW and EC platforms, but I think they'll pick one of the shelf options.

We have some Fennecs (french) for maritime pourposes...

That's a lighter class.  ;)


--- Quote from: Gripen on March 07, 2008, 06:12:20 AM ---Stupid Defence Minister Goldfish  >:(

Why can't we buy our stuff off of someone who isnt American?

Like, why not the Super Puma, or Mi-something?

Gah  >:(  >:(  >:(

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I've always thought the Flanker is an aesthetically pleasing airframe, I wouldn't mind seeing the Red Rat on that and flying over this country. The problem with buying platforms like these is that it's not just a question of teaching air crew a new aircraft. It also involves integrating the weapon systems and various other electronics and avionics with the current support infrastructure. Then integrating the platform into the networked order of battle.

When you do all the sums and weigh an American or European (NATO-friendly) platform against a Russian or Chinese platform, the cheaper Russian or Chinese aircraft will quickly turn out to be expensive. You need to look at integrating the new equipment alongside what you already have in place with the people you already have trained.


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