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Lockheed/Boeing are not the winners, will they be the whiners?


shawn a:
Well, Northrop Grumman won the LRS-B (Low Range Slow Bomber) competition. So will Lockheed-Boeing protest? (Business as usual?)
The development contract covers 21 initial aircraft out of a planned buy of 80. Any bets on wether the 21 aircraft will be the only ones built? This new plane is supposed to replace the B-52, and the B-1B.
I say Good Luck NG.
I hope they pull it off ahead of schedule and under budget
I also hope I can run a triathlon on my hundredth birthday. ;)

shawn a:
It may be Business as Usual.
Boeing may whine.
Boeing will "rigorously debate whether to protest", according to one Boeing Bigwig. A decision is expected within 2 weeks. Would the Lockheed part of the marriage have to sign off on the possible protest?
Deja vu, anyone?

shawn a:
Well, Boeing and Lockheed have decided to protest, and this, my friends, is why America is in decline--The prostitution to corporate profits.
Do any of you readers who have looked at this topic have an opinion????? Or are you just voyeurs?
C'mon, reply...

Yup, I saw the headlines, it's obviously normal for them.

I don't think it will be an aircraft that will interest me, even with NG building it. We'll see.

I have no interest for now, I guess until prototype or preproduction is unveiled.


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