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Author Topic: Indigenous find Air Force plane missing in Brazil's Amazon jungle  (Read 4291 times)

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There are nine survivors, while a crew member still missing and another is trapped in the wreckage, according to the FAB.

"eleven passengers of the plane, one is missing and there are indications of a possible death. There are nine survivors who are well," the Air Force in a statement.

A spokesman for the National Health Foundation (FUNASA) told AFP that the military believes that disappeared went for help to rescue the person who was trapped in the wreckage of the plane.

The plane, which was on a journey between Acre and Amazonas rivers (North) deep in the Amazon, made a landing at the itui River, a tributary of Javari, between the villages Aurelio, of the ethnicity of the Matis, and Rio Novo , of the ethnicity of Muruga.

Matis Indians who were located the C-98 that was missing and reported the discovery to the government's National Indian Foundation, so as to allow the rescue.

On the plane seven employees of the Ministry of Health (two women and five men) and four military crew, a mission involving vaccination for 3,700 Indians from 40 villages in the valley of Javari in the heart of the Amazon.

The C-98 Caravan, the FAB used for transporting small loads, covering a route from Cruzeiro do Sul (Acre, north) and Tabatinga (Amazonas, north) when it disappeared on Thursday.

According to FAB, the aircraft departed at 8:30 am (local time) and should have landed in Tabatinga, but 58 minutes after takeoff issued a warning.

The missing plane, flying at low speeds, has features that make it very secure and facilitate the possibility of survivors in case of emergency landing, told the network specialist aviation Globonews Gustavo Cunha Mello.



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Re: Indigenous find Air Force plane missing in Brazil's Amazon jungle
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The C-98 Caravan, the FAB used for transporting small loads

Now I have to find that article I did last month. And here it is.
Add one more Caravan to the list.,3127.0.html
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