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Successful test flight & F-16 MLU M5 System Integration Laboratory test of ESTER


Successful test flight & F-16 MLU M5 System Integration Laboratory test of ESTER
9 February 2008:
Successful test flight & F-16 MLU M5 System Integration Laboratory test of ESTER
Airborne Systems
Airbase Skrydstrup, Denmark / Fort Worth, 29 February 2008 - The Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) has successfully completed the first flight tests and F-16 MLU M5 System Integration Laboratory Tests of the ESTER (Enhanced Smart Triple Ejector Rack) on an F-16.
The Triple Ejector Rack (TER) is a weapon-suspension unit which is attached to the aircraft's weapon pylons, enabling each pylon to carry three weapons. The TER-9 version is suitable for under-wing F-16 laser-guided and ballistic weapons, with the ability to release weapons individually.
The ITT/Terma ESTER program upgrades the TER-9 racks by adding the capability to carry modern “smart” weapons which operate on the military standard 1760 interface. These include the Joint Direct Attack Munitions (JDAM) and Enhanced Paveway II (EGBU-12/BRU-49). Provisions for future Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) are also part of the ESTER, and initial tests on the SDB compatibility will be performed this spring under an ITT/Terma internally funded program.
The initial RDAF flight tests were aimed at verifying the functionality and reliability of the cable retention unit. The bombs were successfully released from the ESTER with the new retention unit which has been installed in lieu of the existing MIL-STD-1760 umbilical cable retention system, and the new Terma/ITT developed units performed flawlessly.
The ESTER also passed the F-16 MLU M5 System Integration Laboratory (SIL) testing in Fort Worth, as part of the EPAF MLU M5 test program. The tests were conducted without problems, and the ESTER test units are now ready for the F-16 MLU M5 flight tests in the U.S. this year.
The RDAF representative Klavs Andersen, Chief of the Business Unit Fighter Aircraft including the ESTER program, said: "I am satisfied with the performance of the ESTER, the physical release and retention system worked well, and we are now ready to continue flight testing in the U.S. as part of the M5 program."
About Terma
Terma, a leading Denmark-based defense and aerospace company, is a proven developer of electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance systems, and aeronautic structures for high-performance military aircraft. These systems include the ALQ-213 Electronic Warfare Management system which is deployed on over 1,600 F-16s and other aircraft worldwide.
The business activities of Terma include products and systems for a number of non-defense and defense applications including radar systems, command and control systems, communication systems, and applications and services for space purposes.
Terma A/S is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark and maintains subsidiary facilities and operations in a number of European countries, Singapore, and in the U.S., including the wholly owned subsidiary, Terma North America, Inc. The company employs approximately 1,150 people worldwide, and realized 2005 revenues of approximately USD 180 million.



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