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Sweden dont care about Russian airthreat.

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It took about a month for this incident to leak, so the news are a bit old. I dont know how Sweden knows what was targeted during the simulation/exercise. That might just been speculations. But the whole thing feels like its been taken out of a Monty Python movie - Too all aircraft out there. We are on vacation so no fooling around our airspace, we have radar!  ;)

Now im going to speculate a bit. I think the only reason Sweden wants to join Nato is because it will be cheaper. A couple of American divisions of F-16´s based in Sweden, and we dont have to build so many Gripens or recruit as many pilots. Same goes for warships.  However the public wants to keep Sweden neutral. So will we ever join Nato? That is a hard question to answer because keeping our neutrality will cost large sums of money.

The General in cheif of all our armed forces made an statement during an interview saying that, the Swedish forces could only protect Sweden for about a week, and thats if we concentrate all our forces on one place. That did not go down well with our politicians, they want his head on a platter.

So without being too naive. I do believe our armed forces are in shambles, and we are not as strong as we once were in the 60´s and to the late 80´s. (For a small neutral country). But then some of our politicians think we shouldent have any armed forces at all. Sweden is too insignificant to be attacked by a foreign country. Maybe they are right, but i would not bet my life on it.  :)

Lol, you Swedes are too nice.  :)


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