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The Next Generation Bomber Joke (It's on us!)

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shawn a:
Obviously, there's a nitrous oxide leak at F-111 C/C's house!!  :laugh:


--- Quote from: shawn a on March 05, 2010, 09:32:20 PM ---Electronic attack should also be aboard the plane. I wonder if enemy planes will be susceptible to a form of EA that would render their guns useless, or maybe just turn the whole darn plane off, or maybe just activate the enemy's ejection seat! The B-2 could use that kind of stuff. (Actually, I hope it has that kind of stuff on it now).

--- End quote ---

I would think that the ejection seat would be pretty much shielded from any form of external *electronic* input... And by external I mean even from the pilot's own mobile phone. :P Still, it would be quite funny to see a pilot pop out of his cockpit, looking around in sheer and utter confusion...

So far sounds more like a Lemon, but i sure hope its not, it would be exciting to see a new machine out there, specially a bomber!

shawn a:
Yeah, right now the NGB seems to be on hold while various issues (such as the basic mission and purpose and design) are sorted out. But, slightly off topic... do you think the pak-fa will be demonstrated in the air at MAKS 2011?
Hey, you're called "SukhoiLover", right?
If it's gonna fly there, that's worth a trip!!

shawn a:
Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, Alien technology at Area 51, A 200 aircraft fleet of NGBs (today called LRS-B), with directed energy defensive weapons, supersonic-dash capable from it's variable cycle engines, at a unit price of $550 million by the early 2020s ( this info courtesy of DTI's March issue)..... Hell, I guess there IS alien technology at Area 51  ;)


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