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Please help me to promote the MILAVIA website! I've placed social sharing buttons throughout the site to make it easy to share certain pages. It's nice because I get some better analytics, but feel free to just copy-paste the URL from your browser address bar.

And for blogs, websites, forums, FB pages, etc: You are free to post links to any page of the site, you do not have to ask me!

For webmasters: the classic banners are also still available, see http://www.milavia.net/links/banners.htm

Hey Niels,

Wilco. I see your airshow pages plenty of times
directed on other websites, as a main lead to a
participant for example. Keep up the good work.

And damn, you are quick with updating the airshows.
I can't catch up with your update speed.
(Nice to see the Horseman at Duxford  ;D )


Good to hear, yeah I sometimes see them too, or in the stats. It's good, but not quite "plenty"...

Yup! There's still a lot of info to come though, and already so many people are looking for it.

(note: not just for FL, they're also doing the Spring show in May... what will they do in June?...)


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