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3rd Air Commando Group/Sqd emblem help needed


Hello,I'm an avid collector of photos of WW2 flying unit emblems, I am trying to find the colors for 2 emblems I only have black and white zerox copies of, the unit they were with was 3rd Air Commando Group,and the two emblems I need colors for are, 3rd Fighter Squadron Commando,4th Fighter squadron Commando.
These unit were 5th AAF area of operations.Anyone who would either know of veterans from this group or contacts with the squadrons or if you know the colors-PLEASE contact me,I would Greatly appreciate the help,I am trying to preserve as much WW2 emblem history as I can in my small way,Plus this is a hobby that I like VERY VERY much, thank you all and I look forward to replies,have a great day !!!!!!!

Is this what you want?

Hello , thanks for your emblem posting, but noo this is not the emblem I am looking for , your's is a post WW-2 design, the one I need has a large human skull/lightning bolt/50 Caliber machine gun in the design .

But again thank for trying !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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