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Hello everyone, I am in a American Military History class at my university and we recently covered aviation in the military. A question from one of the students was "Which plane was the best?" Our professor, being an ex-army officer, said that to answer that question would take too much time away from our lectures. Instead we were all invited to see if we could find out which plane might be considered the best. Some planes were thrown out onto the floor as to which one might take the title, but no answer was found. I thought posting this question on this forum would be a great way to get an idea of what other aviation lovers think and why? Of course the list I presented is only a very small fraction of all the great planes through out history. If anyone else has a plane they would like to include,that is not in the list, please do mention it. Or if they want, can start another poll with diferent options.

thank you all for your time :)

P.S. I know some of the options above are planes that are post World War 2, but I thought I include a few modern planes for the poll. Hope no one minds too much :-[

Hello Bazooka,

In my opinion is the P-51 Mustang the best of the rest.
Its magnificant engine sound is one of them........ :P
No, to be honest. It had the best range to guide bombers into military Germany, and could still make a dogfight.
It had the speed and the firepower, so in my opinion this is the best plane.

However not my favorit at all, but to be realistic is the F-15 also very close.
But to get sentimental....... ::) ;).......in my opinion is the F-14 Tomcat the best they ever made.
"the world famous and most beautifull long-range fighter ever produced, the F-14 Tomcat. The Tomcat has a superb performance, excellent manoeuvrability and a long-range weapon system. It can be launched from a carrier during day or night, whatever the weather condition is, it can attack multiple targets on an unparalleled distance, and has a timeless and beautiful body. "

Best Regards, Ramon.

These questions are always hard, since it all depends which criteria are the most important once. The aircraft can be judged on:

- combat record
- number produced
- number of export customers
- technical specifications like speed
- technology advance
- aerodynamics
- and many more

In the end, it often comes down to which aircraft your personal favorite is. Even when comparing aircraft from the same generation, it is difficult to say which one is the best. When doing these polls, it is probably better to make categories for each type of aircraft (fighter, bomber, transport, etc.) and the generation or a certain time in history (e.g. ww2).

In your list, the F-22 is the best performing fighter aircraft, because it has the latest developments and weapons. However the others all played their significant part in history and today already, where the F-22 still has to prove itself.

How tough is this?!... :o
To actually chose the best...not just the most influential.
I guess that the P-51 has had the greatest single impact of any of the ones on offer and the F-22 SHOULD be better than anything else out there, but this is all so subjective, I couldn't bring myself to vote for a soul-less, untried untested machine like that but in the same breath and old war-horse P-51 is just too dated...AAAAGH! what a cjoce!... :-\ :-\

I think its the F-15 Eagle, because he already proved himself and in his combat record he won all air to air battles.


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