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Author Topic: Big Want List of ID's/colors etc  (Read 4022 times)

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Big Want List of ID's/colors etc
« on: October 11, 2008, 04:45:37 AM »
Hello,I'm looking for the following WW2 USAAF emblem designs/and or colors of them it is a long list and I would greatly appreciate any help with it,even one is much appreciated!!!!!
8th Combat Cargo Sqd-Pelican w/rope cargo box/5thAAF emblem(Need colors),12th Combat Cargo Sqd(Flying Boxcar over mountain w/cloud/lightning bolt)need better details,emblems of 439th Troop carrier group and all sqdns,colors for 309th Troop Carrier sqd(wolf running pulling glider on rope and holding parachutist),emblem/colors 125th Observation sqd(Racoon in sky holding baloons cloud behind him),design and colors and unit ID believe this either 363rdFtr Sqd or 381st Ftr Bmr Sqd front portion of horse snorting cloud it's rear half body of P-51 mustang w/fuselage stripes and tail stripe code letters B 3 D,3rd Ftr Sqd Commando colors,4th Ftr Sqd Commando colors,emblem details colors HQ Sqd 35th Ftr Grp eagle flying w/man riding it eagle droppoing bomb clouds on disc-it was on a P-39,colors details 495th Ftr Sqd-Bird wings raised-one wing has bomb-other empty-talons/claws holding 50 cal machine gun(with 48th Ftr grp),need ww2 emblem for 82nd Ftr Sqd,361st Ftr Sqd Skeleton riding 2 50 cal machine guns has cape-wings,365th Ftr grp Hell Hawks variation looks like a bird on jacket of Col Ray J. Steckler unit C/o,colors for 369th Ftr Grp a disney design cartoon spider on web wearing hat-cigarettein mouth-bug buzzzing overhead-spider pointing at web,verification of emblem 375th Ftr group shield wchecks-bar,482nd Ftr Sqd winged bug w/50 cal and ammo belt firing it searchlight beams behind on disc w482,Id of emblem donald duck standing on cloud wearing boxing gloves large lightning bolt behind him, more later    e mail me please


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