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The history of aviation would not be the same without the experimental tests that were carried out and are being carried out in the distant Mojave Desert, California, United States; this publication Space CapsuleIt takes us to a place that still exists, a large air base where the experimentation of airplanes as well as rockets converge; We are talking about Edwards Air Base, a conglomerate of buildings dedicated to aeronautics and astronautics, which together with its large tracks of the dry lake Roger, has made history, here we will see its facilities, the first flights of the different experimental aircraft, which many derived in series aircraft, and above all a compilation of the Douglas D-558-1, Douglas D-558-2, Bell X-1 and their different versions, Bell X-2, Douglas X-3 Stiletto, Northrop X- 4 Bantam, Bell X-5, Convair XF-92, North American XB-70 and North American X-15, aircraft that laid the foundations for future projects where engines, fuselages, wing profiles, etc. were tested,

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