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early 612th Bomb Sqd emblem "Mangler"


Hello,I'm looking for a good photo/sketch and colors for the early stateside design for the 612th Bomb sqd's emblem,it depicts a bear standing upright on a cloud holding as if to throw it a large aerial bomb point downward, this emblem was briefly used as a patch which I have seen a few poor quality photos of,one on a jacket of a unit member named Sgt.Katz,the other painted on a wall sign on the quonset hut at thier air base Deenthorpe England. I have already contacted the 401st BG association to no joy so I'm really hoping you "Diggers" of history out there can help!!!! I would Greatly appreciate any leads,if you know any living 401st/612th members Please E mail me,Thank you all very much and I avidly await your replies!!!!!     Johnny Signor     WeBeEmblems@aol.com

I have finally gotten a color rendering of the "Mangler" emblem, got it from an actual unit member ,so one more nailed down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats!  8)


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