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Author Topic: Finnish Aces WW2  (Read 9365 times)

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Finnish Aces WW2
« on: March 01, 2013, 06:29:52 PM »
When Stalin invaded Finland in 1939, this forced the Finns into a defensive War. Field Marshall Mannerheim did not want Finland to fall under the brutal regime of the USSR. They fought  valiantly against Soviet juggernaut, but in 1940 had too capitulate vs overwhelming odds. When Germany launched "Operation Barbarossa" June 21, 1941, Finnish forces went unto the offensive with their new German allies, in order to get their lost territories back. In the period 1939-44, four Finnish pilots scored well vs the Reds.
Eino Juutilainen 94 kills
Haase Wind 78
Eino Luukkanen 54
Joppe Karhunen 31

These top four aces flew Fokker DXXI, H Le Lv 26, Me-109-G fighters

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