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Does anyone know what kind of Aircraft this is? I stumbled accross it on the internet.

It looks Russian (Soviet) with Surface-to-Surface Missiles on top of the fuselage.

Just completed a very basic search for it. Different sites call it different names. I got CS-29 "Caspain Sea Monster" and Lun-class "Wing In Ground Effect".

Used in the Caspian and Black Seas by the looks of it. I don't have any other information at this stage, but it definitely sparked my interest.

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I've seen Ekranoplans before, but never that baby you've got there!  :o

Ok...I found a pretty good site about Russian Ekranoplans. The "Lun" is illustrated there, with specifications:

--- Quote ---Ekranoplan "Lun"
Dimensions:           73.8 х 44.0 х 19.0m
Cruising speed:      550Km/h
Range:                  2500Km
--- End quote ---

Ok...and one more link that actually explains the concept of WIG craft quite well:

I´ve seen it in a documentary. This aircraft is used to deliver troops in a fast way. This russian aircraft flies approx 1-2 meters above the water surface. It has the looks of an aircraft, but its more of a boat with an twist.  :)

Thanks, fellahs!!! I had no idea this was an actual russian secret project.

I had a nice reply typed out, but opened a picture in this window and lost it...don't want to type it all again. Do a little google search and you'll find a lot of WIG/Ekranoplan related sites. For now, you'll have to be satisfied with this picture as my contribution to the discussion.


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