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Su-15 in PVO service: which fighter regiments?


As you might know, I am working on the Su-15 section. As it is a historical aircraft, I would like to add some more detailed information regarding the fighter regiments which operated the type. The Su-15 was operated by the Soviet Air Defence Forces (PVO) from the late 1960s until the break-up of the Soviet Union. Unfortunately it is difficult to find any of such information regarding the fighter regiments (IAP) prior to 1989-1991. So far I can up with this list, any additional information is appreciated:

Service pre-1992: 
54th IAP, 6th OA PVO, Vaneide (Wainode), Su-15 1967, Su-15TM 1970s (replaced by Su-27)
180th IAP, 6th OA PVO, Su-15 1969, Su-15TM 1978 (replaced by Su-27 1988, some say MiG-31)
57th IAP, 10th PVO VA, Norilsk
265th IAP, 10th PVO VA, Poduzhemie, Russian Karelia, 39 Su-15 (replaced by Su-27)
431st IAP, 10th PVO VA, Afrikanda, 39 Su-15 (replaced by Su-27 1991-1992)
156th IAP, PVO (reequipped with Su-17 in 1981 and became 156th APIB)
712th IAP, PVO, Kansk (replaced by MiG-31)
22nd IAP, 14th OA PVO, Bezrechnaya (Su-15TM)
813th IAP, 14th OA PVO, Novosibirsk (Su-15TM)
700th IAP (Tikhoretsk, Krasnodar Kray)
777th IAP, PVO, Sokol, Dolinsk, Su-15TM (disbanded?)
2179th BRS, PVO, Bobrovka, depot unit
4884th BRS, PVO, Bobrovka, depot unit (disbanded 1990)
148th Pilot Combat Training Centre, PVO, Savastleika
Service post-1992: 
57th IAP, 10th PVO VA, Norilsk
611th IAP PVO, Dorokhovo, Su-15TM (replaced by Su-27)

So far the sources I used on the web were:
- Orders of Battle - OrBat.com
- ACIG.org
- GlobalSecurity.org/FAS.org
- a whole bunch of Su-15 pages

Maybe I am asking too much. But does any of you have additional sources?


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