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The Top-Scoring Aces of WWII

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Put what you think to be and tell everyone what you put. Ha.

Erich Hartman 352 victories. All on eastern front from 1942-45 if I'm not mistaking. His advangae was the low rank due to which he was able to fight alot.
Some dude had 301, just can't remember who.
BTW you have G. Rall twice.

I voted Erich Hartmann also because he is obviusly the biggest ace in there :) Thats who I looked for as soon as I saw this thread :)

Bingo. Ok, as you guys have given the answers already. Here's the top 10 highest scoring aces in history.

1. Erich Hartmann: 352 kills
2. Gerhard Barkhorn: 301 kills
3. Gunther Rall: 275 kills
4. Otto Kittel: 267 kills
5. Walter Nowotny: 258 kills
6. Wilhelm Batz: 237 kills
7. Erich Rudorffer: 222 kills
8. Heinrich Bar: 220 kills
9. Hermann Graf: 212 kills
10. Heinrich Ehrler: 209 kills

As you can see, they're all Germans. Co-incidentially, all fighting on the Eastern Front.

The second highest ace on a jet airplane should also be a German with 16 kills.

On eastern front russians always had 3-4 times more planes. The numbers ought to be vice-versa, but Red Airforce gave new meaning to the word suck.


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