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Author Topic: Who straffed Irwin Rommel's car that day in 1944?  (Read 5713 times)


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Who straffed Irwin Rommel's car that day in 1944?
« on: June 04, 2009, 01:10:54 AM »
Field Marshal Irwin Rommel's date with a Spitfire.

Who Got Irwin Rommel that day in 1944?

This was in fact Squadron Leader Charlie Fox RCAF.

That day in France when Rommel had been inspecting the Western defences they were, as usual, in his personal car, a large open Horch.

Rommel sat in the front, as was his habit. He liked to keep a map on his knee, so he could do the navigating. At the wheel was his regular driver, Daniel. In the back were staff members Captain Lang, Major Neuhaus and Feldwebel Hoike (who was there specifically as an aircraft lookout).

On highway N179, just out of Livarot, fate finally caught up with the Desert Fox.....

As the lookout shouted an alarm, two Canadian Spitfires from 412 Squadron came diving down in a curving attack from behind and to the left. At about 300 yards, Charley Fox, in the lead aircraft, squeezed off a brief burst from his 20 mm cannon. That was enough.

Daniel, seriously wounded, lost control of the speeding car. It hurtled on for several hundred yards before finally crashing into the ditch. Captain Lang escaped unhurt, Neuhaus with minor injuries. Daniel was to die shortly afterwards.

Field Marshal Rommel was thrown against the windshield post, sustaining serious head injuries. His career was over.

At first, his survival was in doubt but prompt first aid and a strong constitution prevailed. He slowly began to recover only to die by forced suicide just months later.

Charlie Fox checks his aircraft armament below.

The return from the mission over France 1944.

Charlie Fox today with friend Lance. [Age does not weary them, nor the years condemn]

The Mk 9C Supermarine Spitfire that Charlie Fox flew.

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