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Hi terminator
No I'm from the USA born and raised I'm just big South American aviation fan and I follow Peru's air force closely.  If I controlled Peru's air force decsions for and funding for the next five years I would:
1. I would like to see Peru cut down the different types of aircraft they fly and maintain.   This is where I would start and downsize bases but not personnel.   
2. Fighter and fighter needs - I'm a big Mirage 2000 fan but lets face it Peru's air force doesn't have many around 8 to 10?  Most are not flyable because of lack of parts and no money for daily operational cost.   Sell them now while they still have value and maybe some interested buyers.   For now split up the Fulcrums into two mini squadron one north near Ecuador and one south Chile.  This is the best they could do with the assets they really the Mirage 2000s were basically grounded anyway.   Put any money from the sales of the Mirages into getting more the Fulcrums flying again.   Some part of the Fulcrums production lines must be open for Algeria SMT Fulcrums so piggyback on them and maybe pick up 4 to 6 lesser Fulcrums just to bring up Peru's numbers.   Then wait, stop and think it over carefully your next steps. 

more later


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