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Brazil F-X Competition
« on: January 18, 2008, 02:09:38 AM »
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I heard about Brazil being interested in the Gripen's too I wonder if something will come of that.  I thought webmaster knew a guy from Brazil who posts here maybe he'll know more?

I have created this topic, because the topic A possible Latin America Arms race?? is more about the weapons and political situation in Latin America from a broader perspective. We can better look into this in more detail, in a new topic.

Re: Brazil interested in the Gripen

Brazil had suspended its F-X program for financial reasons. They leased the 12 Mirage 2000s from France (check out the article under the specials), that basically solved the need for a Mirage III air defense/interceptor replacement, as the F-5 and AMX are undergoing upgrades.

Brazil is now in the process of relaunching the F-X competition, also hoping to attract more offers than before. The Gripen was one of the former, but outgunned by its competition, maybe only the new variant can save the day. However three far more likely possibilities are: US fighters, prob. advanced F-16s or F-35 possible. Russia/Sukhoi, prob. Su-35 (only now the new one). France/Dassault, Rafale.

The US offer will be depending on how the USA/Chavez relations change with a new president, if not, Brazil will be a important ally and US will do their regional balance act, offering high-tech at low-cost...probably meaning F-35s for Brazil. This would be interesting as it gives Brazil the option for a future A-4 replacement as well, with much commonality. Also LM is pretty active in Argentina and Chile, so support is there.

Russia now, interestingly, the Su-35 chances previously were considered not that good, if it wasn't for one thing, range! But now Brazil has AEW platforms and the Navy with the carrier/A-4s, it may be possible that this won't be important. However Brazil has been eyeing Russian helicopters, now this would be interesting as it would probably bring it closer to Venezuela and closer to evaluating and buying Sukhois. Plus the new Su-35 is a far better multi-roler than the previous one. But like you say, I have an editor over there, so I'm a little exposed to wishful thinking patterns, I suppose.

France is the most probable contender now with the relationship with the AdlA enforced and fresh in the minds of the FAB people. It already has a good relation with Dassault. So this could mean Rafale will be the front-runner. The only obvious thing holding it back is the lack of an export record. But I can see more, what if Brazil's decision will take so long that France will get close to stopping production lines? And what about the logistics? Other Latin countries only operate Russian or US aircraft... it used to be full with Mirage III and variants... the way it's going, Brazil will be the only one left with French equipment?

For the Gripen the only hope is some kind of importance/influence on the deal by either Embraer (Ericsson/Saab connection) or South Africa. Brazil has some ties with South Africa, for example the MB.326 deal, missile/radar technology, and also some non-flying defence equipment. Anyway, South Africa was the launch customer for the Gripen, plus licensed production with technology transfer and industry offset deals. South Africa could be the glue between Brazil and Sweden in this deal...

Now, this was all my perspective, I'll ask Leandro is anything more is now known in Brazil and in the FAB.

I'm not promising anything, but you could well see a feature article about this on MILAVIA in the near future.

One thing is for sure, we will have an updated FAB section soon with info on the F-X competition.
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Re: Brazil F-X Competition
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2008, 05:13:05 PM »
Very interesting webmaster I'll keep looking around for information on this as well.  I think F-X Competition is very important for Frances Rafale and it's future.   You had a good point about Brazil maybe being Frances only customer in South America left.   As far as numbers of possible aircraft for this bid might be very high maybe  on the same level as Algeria latest aircraft purchased if a production deal is worked out and just under what India may buy.   


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