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Author Topic: Air Forces Monthly - December 2006  (Read 4545 times)

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Air Forces Monthly - December 2006
« on: November 15, 2006, 12:55:31 PM »
Having just finished my review for the November issue, the December issues drops onto my doormat. Let's do a quick preview:

Far more interesting than last month. Finally more info on the Chinook HC.3. Flanker time! Malaysia Su-30MKM/China Su-33/Russia Su-34 and Su-27SM/Su-30MKI-3 news. And there's more: Harrier GR.9 news, Typhoon news, C-27J news, more JSF concerns, L-159 finally offered to Greece, flaming C-17, FAB C-295 and P-3 news, news from Zambia, Saudi Tornado upgrade, MiG-31BM news, Ka-50, Indian Mi-35 upgrade, Singapore Fokker 50 with Harpoon!

Tacklin the Taliban
Finally an article revealing more about the operations in Afghanistan it seems.

Desert Defenders
Jordanian Mirages and F-16s

Combat in Brazil
Report on the CRUZEX III exercise by MILAVIA editor Leandro Maldonado. Also soon to be published on

Final Thunder
Swedish and Japanese in Cope Thunder exercise.

Great Defender of the East
Grand!! An article on the MiG-31!!! Looks to be a good aircraft profile with great photos.

New York Snipers
ANG F-16s seems boring, but new info on the new targeting pods.

Italian Flair
Italian Navy force report. Seems interesting!

EUFOR in Congo
Finally some info of the ops in Congo.

Bosnia Recce
Seems not really interesting, but at least something new!

Boneyard Ops
RAF Hawk training

India's Air Warriors
Nope, not really about air warriors, it's only a report on the air force parade day.

Self Defence - part II
Some more info, nice graphs on losses, nice photo of Su-25. But otherwise seems to be pretty basic stuff about active self defence, as part I focused more on passive.
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