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Yeah, out of service, in storage. Reserve maybe, it is Israel you know, but I think they are hoping to sell some airframes or parts to other Kfir operators that still fly them, suppose that's the main reason for not disposing them (or at least not all of them). Don't think IAI/Elbit is still marketing the Kfir C.10 upgrade to new customers, old IDF/AF airframes could be used for it I guess.

Israel needs to acquire new fighters - they won't be able to maintain air supremacy over the Middle East forever flying F-16s and F-15s - and no, I'm not contradicting what I'm saying about 2 of the planes I admire, I'm just saying they need to acquire new fighters - possibly the F-35, Typhoon or Gripen?  Or build one of their own using Western parts, whether American or European? I have a feeling Russia won't sell the Su-27 airframe to them. 

I don't think that would happen. Before the Israel-Lebanon conflict two leading generals in the IDF were both from airforce and airforce got some good funding. Now the army however proved itself to be very weak in the conflict. They've got lots of new things they've built for the army but only few of them have entered the service. So I guess the army will get the bigger half now.

However it is likely that Russia may sell some fighters to Iran or Syria(who else could afford enough of them there?). In the last conflict IDF spoted several russian made high tech anti tank weapons in hand of hezbollah, which probably were sold to them trough Syria. So Iran's got the money for it and need probably too. However if it would escalte into a war with israelis, then jews have 2 missiles aremed with nukes and 3 subs(2 to be added soon) with nukes in range of Iran. So no worries.

I read some recent news that Israel is looking to buy additional F-15I with improvements, possibly the AN/APG-79 AESA radar, reportedly it's known as F-15SX. In the meantime, the third F-16I squadron was activated. They ordered a total of 102 F-16I's in two batches, I wouldn't be surprised if a third batch will be ordered in the near future. Israel will probably keep buying US weapons, if not then the French Rafale is a more likely option than the Typhoon or Gripen. Israel will probably never join an international development program for a jet fighter, because they keep their secrets closely guarded and rather buy off-the-shelf and then take "everything" out and put their own systems in (at least that's how our former defence minister put it at a lecture).

Saudi Arabia is shopping, Syria is shopping, so don't be afraid that Israel won't.

By the way, it's IASF now instead of IDF/AF for those that didn't know. S stands for Space...  ;) So they are not sitting still.

I still think the Typhoon and Gripen are a better fighter than the Rafale.  On the negative side, the Typhoon may cost too much, but the Gripen and Rafale may be more affordable. 
And Mr. Alyster, I'm not talking about using nukes here.  I know Israel would have no reservation about using them and they could wipe out the enitre Middle East region, but that would put us all on the losing end.  So, I'm not worried about Israel in that respect - they were ready to use the nukes during the 6 Day War, nobody else in that region had one.
And no one will dare attack them, the US backs up Israel. 


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