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Author Topic: Cockpits of famous aircraft. The B-24 Consolidated Liberator  (Read 7131 times)


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B-24 Liberator

The B-24 Liberator was a long-range heavy bomber that saw service in every theater of World War II. The Liberator was more widely used, had longer range, and carried a larger bomb load than the more well known B-17. In six years, more B-24 bombers were built than any other American combat aircraft in history. In addition, the B-24 offered more cockpit room than the B-17. The unusual through-the-panel control yoke imposed limits on instrument placement. This B-24D, nicknamed Strawberry Bitch, was flown on fifty-nine combat missions from Libya and Tunisia in 1943 to 1944 with the 512th Bombardment Squadron.

Manufacturer: Consolidated
Type: Bomber (Heavy)
Number Built: 18,482
First Flight: 24 December 1939 (XB-24)
In Service: 1941 – 1968 (USAAF service ended in 1945, although a limited number of aircraft saw service with the Indian Air Force until 1968.)
Notable: On 1 August 1943, 177 crews participated in the mass low-level raid on the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania; four airmen were later awarded the Medal of Honor for their actions during the raid.
Photographer/Location: John Rossino/National Museum of the US Air Force

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